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CollectorAce is an online database to catalog, organize and search all your magazines, books and comics. CollectorAce works from your web browser, so you can use it in your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Never buy duplicate issues again!

List of missing numbers of a collection

Get a list of the missing numbers in any of your collections with a simple click.

Fast data entry

It's easy to add lots of magazines at a time

It's easy to add lots of magazines of a collection at a time: just add the common data (publisher, year, language, genres, etc), and then a list of numbers; or the numbers and the title. Easy, and fast!

Search for content, not just the covers!

Store the contents of your books and magazines

With CollectorAce you can add table of contents to your magazines and books. You don't remember in which book the short story "The Blue Geranium" by Agatha Christie is? No problem, with a simple search in CollectorAce you'll found it in "The Thirteen Problems", starring Miss Marple!

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